Lomo de Cerdo is HERE!

Finally ! Lomo de Cerdo was announced way back at the '22 PCA show, but rest assured, the wait was worthwhile. While the size remains the same as the traditional Pork Loin size created by Pete Johnson in 2010, there's a twist: a gorgeous San Andres wrapper stands in for the broadleaf; thus the TUXTLA band, to set them apart from the classic. These are certain to fly, since the production was very low. We have stock on hand, but offer them only in their original butcher paper packaging of 25 cigars, and limit them to one parcel per customer. In case you don't recall, the size is 5 & 1/8 x 52 and the price (as seen on the label! ) is $300.


We are proud to welcome Meerapfel Family cigars into our humidor.

Across the globe in recent weeks a very select group of tobacconists have been chosen torepresent the brand, so naturally we are excited to be among them. But wait, we hear you ask: who or what are Meerapfel? Despite having not heard of them before, there's a very good chance you have enjoyed their tobacco on many occasions ! For decades now, the Meerapfel family have been virtually exclusive providers of genuine African Cameroon tobacco, mostly thanks to the heroic efforts of Richard, the 5th generation of the family. His son Jeremiah made the decision to expand from tobacco sales and create a brand of cigars to honor his family legacy. Although he couldn't have guessed it when he began planning such a bold move, it would be very close to the century mark since his family had their name on a cigar when the RICHARD Double Robusto finally appeared late in 2022. Just a few weeks ago we received the next stage of the years-in-the-making rollout of MFC -- the Meir blend, named for Jeremiah's great-grandfather, available in three sizes: Robusto, Churchill, and Pyramid. Stay tuned for news of the coming release of the Double Robusto in the Meir blend, a shape which demonstrates the highest level of mastery by a cigar maker. We also expect to receive the 3rd blend, called Heller, in honor of Richard's father, who made the transition from celebrated broker of the finest Cuban leaf ( pre-revolution, that is ) to the godfather of Cameroon wrappers.
It was Heller who convinced both a young Don Carlos Fuente and Stanford Newman to embrace Cameroon leaf; he likewise sold Ramon Cifuentes and the Cullman family Cameroon wrapper to make Partagas cigars on their long-await


Roma Craft comes to us from Mike Rosales and Skip Martin, two partners that come from different cigar concentrations.

Skip owned a cigar shop in Texas and Mike owned Costa Rican Imports.

These two started blending in Costa Rica before moving to Nicaragua to launch Nica Sueno, one of the world's most consistent cigar factories

We are proud to welcome Meerapfel Family Cigars into our humidor. Made with genuine African Cameroon tobaccos, and production is limited to just over 600 boxes of each cigar for the global marketplace ! Please come visit us to learn more.